African Boxthorn

It reproduces exclusively by seed which is commonly eaten and then spread by birds. If untreated, African Boxthorn grows to a great size and dense infestations out-compete native plants.

Buck’s Horn Plantain


Coastal Galenia

It invades coastal dunes, pastures, disturbed areas, lawns, roadsides and rocky outcrop vegetation.

Galenia is known to produce nitrates that can be toxic to stock.

Common Evening Primrose

It produces yellow flowers and is most abundant in coastal locations, especially in sandy soils.

Common Ice Plant

Dune Onion Weed

European Tree Mallow

It is characterised by rounded, wrinkled leaves. It produces pale pink or white flowers growing in small clusters in leaf forks or on the stalks.

False Caper

False Sow Thistle



Sea Spurge

Seascape Daisy

Skeleton Weed


Star Thistle

Victorian Tea-tree