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Activities for Young People to Connect with
Our Natural Environment  

We have found lots of great activities to help young people connect with our natural environment. Whether it's outdoors or indoors, after school or the holidays, there's something here for everyone. 


Learn all about the Ocean, Sea Creatures and Plants 

The Marine Discovery Centre 

Botanic Gardens.jpg

Our Botanic Gardens are full of Wonderful Plants and Flowers 

Botanic Gardens of South Australia


Activities with Birds including Backyard Bird Bingo and Bird Masks

Birds in Backyards

Sacred kingfisher 17A4569-02-21'.jpg

Explore the Coastline and the beautiful Port River with this Adventure Trail

Port Environment Centre


Places you can visit along the Coast and Waterways around Port Adelaide. Have a look at this Guide 

Port Environment Centre


Do you like Quizzes? We have lots of interesting quizzes you can do

Taperoo Dunes

Rockpool marine.png

At The Rockpool discover more about our Marine Environment 

The Rock Pool

nature play sa.jpg

Nature Play SA shows you all the Amazing Adventures you can have in Nature 

Nature Play SA


Learn about Shorebirds, Woodland Birds and Beach Nesting Birds

Birdlife Australia

Galahs 16A6519-04-23.jpg

Notice and Discover the Natural World on our Doorstep with Nature Bingo (Coast)

Port Environment Centre


Marvel at the wonderful exhibits  from all over the Natural World. And even from times long ago. 

South Australian Museum


Learn about the Dolphins in the Port River who are sometimes seen swimming along the nearby Coastline  

South Australian Maritime Museum

natural environment.jpg

Join the crew at AAEE and learn more about the Natural Environment 

Australian Association for Environmental Education

birds nest 1.jpg

Ever wondered how Birds make their Nests?

The Conversation


Learn more about the life in and around the Port River with Nature Bingo (Port River)

Port Environment Centre

adelaide zoo.jpg

Our Zoos teach us about Animals and Birds from all over the World, as well as from Australia 

Zoos SA

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